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ACTC-Daniel Animus

The Animus' 2000 model

The Animus was created by Abstergo Industries in the latter half of the 20th century, basing it on previously discovered First Civilization technology. Although at least partially influenced by the discovery of the Memory Seals, the software architecture used by the Animus is not based upon them.[1] Dr. Warren Vidic's leading authority on genetic memory guided the machine's development and so he became the overseer of the Animus Project.[2]

While working in Moscow in 1977, William Miles stole a copy of an early Animus blueprint, but was chased by Templars. Meeting a fellow Assassin in the city zoo, William gave her the designs before making his escape, telling her to build the Animus before the Templars could and to keep him informed of her progress. The woman, who was an Assassin scientist in nearby Protvino, was eventually able to build her own machine off of these plans.[3]

The earliest known use of an Animus was in 1980, when Dr. Vidic began his experiments with an unknown male codenamed Subject 1. It was from these sessions that Abstergo was eventually able to extract the genetic memories of Aveline de Grandpré. Unfortunately, the Animus was extremely unstable, causing the subject to go into a fatal seizure. To counter the setback, Vidic wiretapped the offices and laboratories of his colleague Aileen Bock, using her work with the Surrogate Initiative to further his own research.[1]

By 1983,[3] Vidic had developed a more stable version of the Animus and used it to manipulate the genetic memory of Subject 4 of the Animus Project; Daniel Cross.[4] Since then, the machine has gone through several major cosmetic and technical alterations, but even by 2012, Abstergo had not yet managed to perfect it.[2]

Meanwhile, the Russian Assassin who had received the blueprints from William Miles had successfully constructed her own Animus, and began testing it on her fellow Assassins in her cell. However, most of them lost their minds, unaware of the effects of prolonged exposure to the Animus. In an effort to understand more about the machine, the woman subjected herself to the Animus, but also went mad, leading her to eventually force every member of her cell into the machine. Only her daughter Galina kept her sanity, as the cell quickly became little more than a band of feral killers, losing all contact with the outside world.[3]

By 2000, the appearance of the Animus bore a resemblance to a chair,[4] and required a lot of external wiring to properly function.[5] This version of the Animus was used by Daniel Cross upon his return to Abstergo's Philadelphia facility in November 2000.[4]

ACTC-New Animus

The Animus model in 2002

In the two subsequent years, the machine underwent major technological and visual changes yet again. As noted by Vidic's assistant Dr. Sung, subjects who were used to the model commissioned in 2000 would have difficulty interfacing with the newer model. The newer model bore a closer resemblance to a bed and had a chrome-colored appearance, though a cushion was nonetheless used for the subject's comfort.[5]

Animus 1.0编辑


戴斯蒙德·迈尔斯 在阿布斯泰戈实验室里使用Animus

By 2002, Abstergo had also begun to produce Animi in greater numbers. A large Animi room had been created in their Philadelphia facility,[5] and another one later in their Rome facility.[6] The Animi room in Philadelphia was utilized to relive the memories of Assassins captured during the Great Purge, including Paul Bellamy.[5]

主体颜色为亮银色,而机器内部则会发出亮蓝色。在2012年,Animus已更新至版本1.28,並設計出比以前的形號更加的舒適。This model was notably used for the Animus Project inside the Rome facility's laboratory,[2] and later in the Animi Training Program in the Rome facility's Animi room.[7]

在运作时,Animus 将会从旁延伸出一块玻璃仪版涵盖过使用者的头部。也是在该仪版上会投射出使用者正在被读取的基因记忆。[2]Animus 1.28 并不是很有效率,而长时间的使用更会导致机器出现过热的现象。在过热的情况下,原本内部应为亮蓝色的光泽部份将持续闪烁著橘色。[2]

Animus 2.0编辑

——瑞贝卡·克瑞恩, 谈论她的 Animus[来源]
RebeccaII Animus

瑞贝卡向戴斯蒙德介紹她的 Animus

Animus 2.0 是由刺客在 2012 年研发改进而成的版本。根据 Animus 2.0 开发及维护者 - 瑞贝卡·克瑞恩的说词,她的"宝贝"比 阿布斯泰戈 公司里的要更卓越。 她只靠着进入阿布斯泰戈卧底的露西.斯蒂尔曼传来的部份概要图开始着手研发并改进一切。[6]

与 Animus 1.0 相较之下,Animus 2.0 有着许多不同的设定,不管是物质上或是它所投射出的三维世界。例如背景颜色从冰蓝色改为白色,以及整个记忆区域每次在存取时会缓慢构筑起来[6]

Assassins creed brotherhood conceptart Z8R00


Ac desmond

戴斯蒙德使用 Animus 2.0.

Animus 2.0 在外观上也有大幅的改变,2.0版的Animus 实际上就是一把椅子,提升了使用者的舒适性。但也因为这项设定的关系,如果使用者想要存取基因记忆时就必须要在手臂上插入导管与 Animus 作联系。尽管在这些改进的帮助下,Animus机器的翻译软体仍会遇到翻译延迟的情况,而且也无法阻止长时间使用所带来的流血效应或称渗透效应 (Bleeding effect)[6]


在兄弟会中,瑞贝卡为Animus 2.0增加了虚拟训练,完成后可获得雷登套装。

Animus 2.03 在戴斯蒙德陷入昏迷状态后成为了他的生命维持装置, 而他的意识更是受到了来自流血效应 或称 渗透效应的威胁。也是在这时,克莱.卡奇马雷克成为了 Animus 资料库的撰写者。[8]

Animus 3.0编辑

AC3 Animus 3.01

The Animus 3.0 set up inside the Grand Temple

Upon waking from his comatose state, Desmond entered the Animus 3.0 to relive the memories of yet another of his ancestors. As he did with the Animus 2.0, Shaun continued to write database entries for the Animus 3.0 system. The 3.0 upgrade was made during Desmond's time in a coma, and was mainly a software upgrade which included a new user interface and changes to the puppeteering motion controls. However, the hardware of the Animus remained the same as before.

The Animus did go through cosmetic changes, though nothing drastically different from the Animus 2.0. The main difference was that the Animus equipment, namely the head and arm rests, no longer needed to be attached to a chair in order to function, meaning that the Animus could be set up on almost any flat surface. This made it much more portable, being able to be carried down into the Grand Temple in a trio of boxes carried by Rebecca, Shaun and William Miles.[9]

Animus 遊戲機编辑




Animus 歐米茄编辑

AC4 Animus Omega






Jot Soora bureau

Jot Soora 使用著婆羅門V.R.




ACM New Animus

Callum Lynch using the simulator


该模拟器是一个Abstergo项目必不可少的一部分,Sophia Rikkin博士牵头,这集中的刺客后裔如Callum Lynch或Moussa。


主要词条: DDS

The Data Dump Scanner, more commonly referred to as the DDS, was the software that, in conjunction with the Animus, allowed the user to relive extracted memories. The DDS could allow the user to relive any pre-recorded memories, regardless of whether they were blood related, through uploading the extracted memories from another person's genetic memory.[11]

The software was invented and used by Abstergo Industries, who used it in their Project Legacy to obtain information on the Assassins and Pieces of Eden, among other things,[11] and in their Animi Training Program to train their agents.[7] Memories used in the projects had been previously extracted from certain individuals by the company.[11]

The DDS technology, combined with the Animus interface, paved the way for the creation of Helix.[12]



起初 阿布斯泰戈 公司发现他们的实验对象无法适应Animus的控制系统,所以他们将控制改变为接近游戏器主机的方式导入到使用者的脑海中。这项改变大幅改进了使用者的反应度并让使用者更快适应操作。[13]

尽管这项技术的核心重点在于让使用者重温深锁在DNA里面的基因记忆,Animus还能让使用者在他们所见到的三维世界里有一定限制地与周遭互动。与Abstergo公司处处受限制的机器相较之下,Animus 2.0则大幅提升了互动程度,让使用者能自由选择记忆进展的步调。[6]


主要词条: 同步率

Animus 2.0的的计量表呈现出使用者与祖先的同步值。




主要词条: 出血效應

使用任何种类的Animus技术都将导致使用者出现精神不稳定的情况。长时间的使用将引发名为“流血效应”或称“渗透效应”(Bleeding Effect) 的副作用。这现象使得使用者对本身记忆与基因记忆出现认知混淆,使得前人的思想、技巧与经验等转移到后代身上。[2]



Animus 2.0

Animus 2.0 與 1.0 的設計稿

在《刺客信条》里, Animus的定位只是一台与故事情节有关连的机器,允许戴斯蒙德经历阿泰尔.伊本-拉阿哈德的记忆时让玩家能以操控戴斯蒙德的方式控制阿泰尔。

在《刺客信条 2》里则扩展了Animus的使用。 Animus成为了与新世界的联系装置,包括了历史地点、人物以及历史年代的相关资讯。作为模组工具开发的这项功能让游戏研发员能尽情开发各种走向,不管是额外记忆、多人模式角色或者其他内容。制作人Sebastien Puel在一次与 IncGamers的访谈中提到︰

"这系列作有着极佳的潜力。 Animus这台机器让我们作任何想作的事,不管是多人连线模式、额外任务或是额外内容等,不管是什么,Animus都将是完美合适的工具。"[14]


Daniel Cross Animus

2000 年的 Animus.

  • "Animus"在拉丁文里意指多样化感官的“心智”; 其中包括思维、意愿或著灵魂等。
  • In Assassin's Creed, the Animus acted only as a machine and plot element, allowing Desmond to play through Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's memories; in Assassin's Creed II, its use was expanded. The Animus became an interface to a new world, including information about historical locations, people, and time periods. It was also developed as a modular tool, allowing Ubisoft to explore any aspect, be it additional memories, multiplayer or other content.[14]
  • A different design of the Animus was used by Jonathan Hawk in the third volume of the Les Deux Royaumes comic series. However this design is not canon.
  • 在Animus 1.28版本里的互动读取画面冲刺够长的一段时间后会发现Animus画面上那些闪烁出现的乱数讯息消失了,只留下一片蓝色模糊的区域。此外,阿泰尔可能会撞上隐形的障碍。
  • 在《刺客信条》里重新体验记忆并在记忆开始时会有一帧的画面出现不寻常的红褐色调。这情况发生于戴斯蒙德的脸部里,尤其在记忆开始时的三种视角: 从后往前、从前往后以及上下颠倒。 当视线角度往后退一点时,会卡在戴斯蒙德的脸上。如果画面定格的话可以清楚看到他的眉毛、鼻子以及嘴唇出现异色。
  • At one point, Desmond praised the Animus 2.0 for having subtitles to make up for the laggy translation software. This was a reference to how there was no option for subtitles in the Animus 1.28.
  • 一旦玩家完成了《兄弟会》的主线故事后会因为戴斯蒙德进入了昏迷状态的关系,导致“离开 Animus”的选项被移除。
  • 另一种更旧设计的Animus也就是丹尼尔.克洛斯所使用的机种,可以在《刺客信条︰陨落》(Assassin's Creed: The Fall) 里看到。 整体设计让人联想到躺椅,在顶部有着金属遮罩以及多块钢板从背部延伸出来。
  • Animus 1.28在每款主要游戏里皆有出现,直到刺客信條IV:黑旗;它在刺客信條刺客信條II戴斯蒙德使用,在《兄弟会》和《启示录》以及《刺客信條III》被阿布斯泰戈的雇員使用。It was also showcased among the older Animus models, in the files obtained by the Abstergo Entertainment research analyst, in Black Flag.