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英国皇家海军 (c. 1701 – 1713)
海盗共和国 (1713 – 1718)
海狗之咬號船員 (1713 – 1717)
安妮女王复仇号船员 (1717 – 去世)




Mark Bonnar

爱德华·萨奇Edward Thatch,1680 年左右 – 1718),同時別名為黑胡子Blackbeard),是一位臭名昭彰的英國海盜船長,在18世紀初期,他啟航著安妮女王的復仇航行在西印度群島以及美國殖民地的東部海岸。


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In early 1717, Thatch encountered three ships that belonged to his friend, Samuel Bellamy and his associates, Olivier Levasseur and Alonzo Batilla in the Grand Bahamas. They were engaged in an uneven fight against the King George, a British Man O'War led by the Templar Captain Francis Hume. Thatch decided to assist them by firing a broadside into the Man O'War, allowing Batilla to destroy the battered ship by shooting at its weak spots. Leaving as soon as he arrived, Batilla questioned his identity before leaving.[3]

Later that year, he met Batilla again at La Boca del Diablo and informed the pirate about Bellamy's death in a storm and the wreckage of Levasseur's ship, Le Postillon. The two pirates then sailed to the shipwreck and investigated the site. Batilla discovered the Templars' involvement in the attack and told Thatch about the Templars and their attempt to rule the seas. Before sailing back to Nassau, Thatch informed Batilla of a slaver fort where the young pirate might find out more about Levasseur's attackers.[3]

At the start of 1718, Thatch once again met with Hornigold and Kenway to discuss the stagnation in growth that had hit Nassau. They determined that the town needed medicines to survive, but that attacking British warships to obtain said medicine was likely to draw too much attention, especially given the Crown's renewed focus on eliminating the pirate threat in the Caribbean.[1]

Despite these circumstances, Thatch's displeasure with their immediate success, or lack thereof, spurred him into assaulting a British Man O' War to take its medicine supply. He subsequently had to be saved by Kenway, who helped him to capture the ship.[1]

The Siege of Charles-Towne 9.png

Thatch and his prisoners at Charles-Towne

Thatch and Kenway traveled to the British colony at Charles-Towne in order to procure a large amount of medicine, which had been sourced to the town by a box found in the captured Man O' War. By the time Kenway arrived, the Queen Anne's Revenge had been blockading the town for seven days and had taken several hostages, encouraging Charles-Towne to surrender its medicine. To Thatch's disappointment, there had been no response, and the party he sent to bargain with the governor had not returned.[1]

With Kenway's arrival, they successfully procured the needed medicine. However, when Kenway suggested they return to Nassau, Thatch declined, saying he would be traveling north for business. Kenway inferred that Thatch had no plans to return to Nassau, which Thatch confirmed, saying that he intended to go into retirement.[1]

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Thatch accepted a pardon from Charles Eden, governor of North Carolina, but quickly resumed piracy to gather more funds for his retirement. Alexander Spotswood, the governor of Virginia, became aware of his continued piracies, and paid Lieutenant Robert Maynard to get rid of him.[1]

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After the blockade of Nassau by British forces, Kenway and Vane tracked Thatch down to Ocracoke to convince him to return, to no avail. While Vane swore him off, Kenway was more understanding, saying he did not begrudge Thatch his choice. In thanks, Thatch informed him that the Sage Bartholomew Roberts was rumored to be sailing on a slaver ship called the Princess.[1]

Later that evening, two Royal Navy vessels under Maynard launched an ambush, destroying the small settlement as well as the ships anchored in the harbor, including the Queen Anne's Revenge, which forced Thatch and Kenway to make their escape aboard the Jackdaw, the only ship to survive the attack. The two soon realized, however, that they would need to capture the attacking Man O' War in order to leave safely, and subsequently boarded it.[1]

Despite their best efforts, the pirates were soon overwhelmed; surrounded and outnumbered, Kenway saw that Thatch was in danger and threw him a pistol, but Thatch was slain and decapitated after a prolonged and bloody engagement, though Kenway and Vane were able to escape.[1]

Personality and characteristics编辑

“That's some soft talk coming from a pirate. And as it happens... I mostly agree.”
——Thatch on Adéwalé's desire to avoid attacking merchant ships.[来源]
Diving For Medicines 10.png

Thatch demonstrating his theatrics on Stede Bonnet

Thatch was a warm and avuncular man who despised the corruption of the British bureaucracy and cared deeply about building an independent state for dispossessed privateers like himself in Nassau. Although the Pirate Republic fell into squalor, he went to tremendous lengths to find medicine for his disease-ridden brethren, until the point he felt his age was catching up to him and left.[1]

The demonic persona of Blackbeard was crafted by Thatch to avoid actually using violence to intimidate his enemies. He bolstered his formidable image by performing stunts such as lighting fuses in his hair, pouring gunpowder in his rum, or forcing his crew to work below deck as he burned sulfur to prove he was the hardiest of all of them. He grew out his beard partly to make himself all the more iconic.[1]

Unfortunately, Thatch's fearsome reputation caught up to him when the British attacked and killed him, just as he was retiring.[1]


  • There was confusion as to Thatch's real name, with various historical sources spelling his surname as "Teach, Theach, Tache, Titche, Teatch [or] Tack". At least one Lieutenant referred to him as "Edward Teach".[1] The database entry for Dead Chest Island in Assassin's Creed III uses the name "Edward Teach".[4]
  • Following his retirement, Edward Kenway took an Irish bloodhound as a pet, which he named Thatch.[5]
  • In 2013, Abstergo Entertainment announced the possibility of a stage production, titled Blackbeard: The Musical, to be in the beginning stages of development. This is a reference to a production begun in 2008.
  • Mark Bonnar came up with Blackbeard's voice by browsing BBC Voices and emulating the voices of older residents from Bristol. He expressed difficulty maintaining the accent, as sometimes he felt he sounded too Irish. He also channeled his portrayal of the ape in a radio version of The Murders in the Rue Morgue for the character's growls.[6]


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