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金兰Jing Lang,1686年 – 1717年)是一名18世纪初期的中国圣殿骑士、海盗,同时也是爱德华·肯维的目标。





Early life编辑

Born to Chinese rebels, Jing grew up to become an increasingly skilled negotiator with a knack for languages. Her ambition eventually led her to turn her back on her family and marry the son of a General in the Qing dynasty, whom her father opposed; in this way, Jing came into contact with and became part of the Templar Order.

Receiving a position as diplomatic advisor, Jing was eventually forced to abandon her post and flee China as a pirate due to a shift in political tides. Over the next decade she traveled the world, developing a reputation for brutality that preceded her in most conflicts. All the while, Jing continued her political activities, banding with any who might aid her in achieving Templar goals. Her dedication to the Order eventually led her to be given one of five unique Templar keys to guard.

The Travers brothers' treasure编辑

Vance:“My flower, it is all but done. I have hired a man. In moments, Upton's life will be over and the map will be ours.
Jing:“You hired a man? In your scriptures, did Cain hire a man? No, Cain was a man. "Come to the field" he said to Abel and he did it himself. He did not require a third man to carry the axe.
——Jing criticizing Vance, 1717.[来源]

In July 1715, Grand Master Laureano de Torres y Ayala received a map, delivered to him by Edward Kenway, detailing various Assassin encampments in the West Indies. Jing, along with a few other elite Templars, were assigned the task of locating the encampments' leaders and eliminating them. However, she became side-tracked when she discovered that her two targets, Upton and Vance Travers, possessed a map that supposedly led to a cache of treasure.

Jing subsequently made contact with the two brothers through their smuggling enterprise and seduced Vance, making him believe she was in love with him. Having set her sights on the treasure, she convinced the Assassin to kill Upton and obtain his half of the treasure map.

However, Vance appeared to have trouble carrying out the deed, causing Jing to grow impatient. During one of their meetings in Nassau, she admonished him for taking too long, but acquiesced when Vance informed her that, as they were speaking, a hired man was on his way to kill Upton. However, this assassination attempt would be foiled by Edward Kenway, who had found out about Jing and her machinations from Upton.

Queen of Pirates, King of Fools 7


Jing and Vance subsequently decided to regroup in a swamp on the outskirts of Nassau, where the former saw the latter struck down by Edward for having betrayed his brother. Declaring she would not meet the same fate, Jing turned and ran, but was eventually assassinated as well.

In her final moments, she revealed that she had already stolen both halves of the treasure map herself; the half Edward had retrieved from Vance's body moments before was a mere forgery. When he questioned her on the location of the real treasure map, Jing told him it was already in the possession of her husband, before finally breathing her last.


  • According to concept artist Johan Grenier, Jing was inspired by Ching Shih, a notorious Chinese pirate that terrorized the South Chinese Sea with her pirate armada during the early 19th century.
  • “Jing”是中国姓氏的音译,在这种情况下,“金”是相对比较确切的姓氏。同样的,“Lang”也是普通话的谐音词。但是,她的阿尼米标题“兰花”标明了她的名字是“兰”。因此,正确的音译应该是“Lan”。