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Jamal was a member of the Levantine Assassins, serving the Order under Al Mualim's rule.

生平 编辑

By 1191, Jamal and a Masyaf herald, Masun, had gotten into contact with the Templar Order. They soon started following their ideology and decided to play a role in a Templar attack on the fortress. Being well known in the village of Masyaf, the two of them were able to open the gates that protected the village, allowing a contingent of Templars to enter the Assassins' fortress.

After the Templars had been driven from Masyaf, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad sought Masun out and delivered him to Al Mualim. Through his investigations, Altaïr had found out about Jamal, and he passed the knowledge on to his master.

Al Mualim responded that they had to see whether or not Jamal could be redeemed, but he also remarked that that would not be Altaïr's task, as he would get a different mission. Jamal continued to act as an Assassin, standing at his post just outside Masyaf in the countryside.