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让-雅克·布莱斯·阿巴底Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie,1726年 - 1765年)出生于法国,在路易斯安那叛乱前担任法属路易斯安那总督,他住在新奥尔良的一座豪华庄园中,他从1763年担任此职位,直至1765年去世。


遗言 编辑

  • D'Abbadie: Why?
  • Aveline: You would sacrifice the good of the colony to a Templar conspiracy, Gouverneur. I should ask you why.
  • D'Abbadie: The Order... is... the... future. The... the Templars will keep our colony... French.
  • Aveline: The Templars will keep the colony Templar. Why does de Ferrer want workers? Tell me his plans and redeem yourself.
  • D'Abbadie: I know nothing of his plans. I was to send him slaves and vagrants – the ones most likely to rise up against—
  • Aveline: Against those who would oppose oppression and claim the life that is owed them?