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在2014年2月, Sigma Team tracked down Harlan Cunningham and Arend Schut after the two had stolen the Precursor box from Abstergo. Although the Assassins managed to escape, Sigma Team recovered the box. Nonetheless, the Templars had suffered severe losses, as Schut had managed to kill at least half the team. In September of that year, Laetitia disbanded and reassigned members of Sigma Team to other Abstergo operations. The following month, Berg requested that Laetitia revive his team, recounting his loss in Paris without the rest of his team. After being informed that Violet da Costa was busy in Montreal, Berg joined her in order to hasten her progress and get her to rejoin the team.[2]

在2015年, Violet briefly left Sigma Team on the orders of Isabelle Ardant to assist Álvaro Gramática with his research into the Shroud of Eden. Later on, Sigma Team go to London, England to track down a Shroud located there. Subsequently, Berg and Violet held Assassins Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings at gunpoint when they attempted to confront Isabelle. But before they could execute the Assassins, a set of pre-planted explosives went off, allowing the pair to escape. When the Assassins Shaun Hastings, Rebecca Crane and Galina Voronina attacked Berg, da Costa and Isabelle Ardant in the chambers beneath Buckingham Palace, Sigma Team arrived to help them. However, they came too late to save Ardant and were single-handedly eliminated by Galina, allowing the Assassins to escape.[3]