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ACRef Elina Berg


艾琳娜·贝格Elina Berg,生于2009年)是圣殿骑士大师阿布斯泰戈工业员工尤哈尼·奥措·贝格和他的前妻赫米·贝格的女儿。

生平 编辑



为了让尤哈尼参与虚拟战斗训练计划,在经济上的援助和更多的药物的保证下,韦迪克说服了贝格加入他,但前提条件是让他杀死那个惊吓到他女儿的士兵。到了2012年,艾琳娜的状况终于得到了改善。 Her father's work, however, put her in slight danger; his superiors felt that she could be a risk to Otso Berg's effectiveness as a field agent. In one case in Cairo, Egypt on 12 December 2012, Otso Berg was ordered to capture the Assassin leader William Miles as soon Miles exited his flight, but Otso Berg refrained from moving in on him until later due to the presence of a large group of schoolgirls who Miles posed as a tour guide for. When this was pointed out in the debriefing the next day, Laetitia England made a not-so subtle threat towards Elina, much to her father's anger.[1]

Despite his relocation to Canada, Berg stayed in contact with his daughter through phone calls, keeping an eye on her education and often conflicting with Helmi due to his harshness towards Elina. He insisted that they speak English during their conversations, telling his daughter that language was power, and also berated her when she showed weakness, as for Berg her treated disease was no longer an excuse for failure. Despite his behavior, Berg loved his daughter, but for him the world was a harsh place and Elina would not be a little girl forever.[2] As a Templar, Berg believed that he was fighting for a better future, Elina being one of his main motivation for this fight, especially after witnessing the memories of Ratonhnhaké:ton and his daughter.[3]