Alan Turing Aged 16

艾伦·麦席森·图灵(Alan Mathison Turing)(1912年6月23日-1954年6月7日),英国计算机科学家、数学家、逻辑学家、密码分析学家和理论生物学家,他被视为计算机科学之父。


During World War II, Turing worked for British intelligence, and was instrumental in cracking the code for the German Enigma machine.

Though it was publicly announced that Turing would attempt to build a robot, his contractors directed him not to actually build one, and to simply fake it for the press. This was because the Templars leading Abstergo feared that genuine robots would lead to mass unemployment, and a drop in the human birth rate. Turing, however, chose to ignore this directive.

In 1952, the Templars had Turing arrested for gross indecency in an effort to silence him. When this failed, the Templars killed Turing on 7 June 1954, and made it appear as if Turing had killed himself with a cyanide-laced apple, taking care to make the death seem "poetic", as the engineer "always was theatrical".