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“ 他想要获得你对他认可,你的关注。实际上,他的坏脾气只是他缺少父爱、缺乏安全感的性格结果而已。他常常提起你,饱含自豪与深情,而且他还提及希望与你关系更亲密一些。所以,如果他表现出大喊大叫、举止粗鲁甚至于狂怒不止——我相信,他只是简单地希望引起你的注意而已。简而言之,他渴望被爱。”
——引自 乔瓦尼·吉奥康多神父 写给弗朗西斯科·德·帕齐的信[来源]
Vieri de Pazzi








Yuri Lowentha (刺客信条 II)

维耶里·德·帕齐 (1459 – 1478) 是圣殿骑士团的成员和富裕的佛罗伦萨贵族。

维耶里·德·帕齐是佛罗伦萨贵族,是帕齐家族最年轻的成员。他是弗朗切斯科·德·帕齐的儿子,维奥拉·德·帕齐 的兄弟,雅各布·德·帕齐 的侄孙



One evening in 1476, Vieri ambushed a love-interest, Cristina Vespucci, at her home within Florence. Upon noticing Vieri at her abode, Cristina wearily notified Vieri that she was not interested in him, though Vieri protested, telling Cristina he had grown tired of waiting to have sexual intercourse with her.[1]

Before Vieri was able to sexually assault Cristina, however, Ezio Auditore emerged. Ezio had been following Cristina, and decided to confront Vieri. After a brief argument, the two brawled, and Ezio proved victorious.[1]

Fleeing, Vieri threatened Ezio, claiming his entire family would suffer for Ezio's interference. This incident led Vieri to resent the Auditore even more than he had already done.[1]

Sometime later that same year, 1476, Vieri's father Francesco was arrested on evidence obtained by Giovanni Auditore. This led the animosity between the two rivaling families to grow, eventually culminating in a street brawl on the Ponte Vecchio.[2]

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Vieri and Ezio both arrived at the brawl with their supporters alongside them. While Ezio brawled with the Pazzi supporters, Vieri merely observed from the other side of the bridge. Soon Ezio's brother Federico, arrived, and assisted Ezio as he beat up the Pazzi supporters. Ultimately recognizing his defeat, Vieri retreated from the bridge with his few remaining men.[2]


On December 31, 1476, Vieri confronted Ezio in the Tuscan countryside near Monteriggioni. Ezio was attempting to escape Florence with his sister and mother, seeking sanctuary in Monterrigioni where Ezio's uncle, Mario Auditore, owned a villa.[2]

Vieri ordered his men to kill the Auditore family members, though Ezio was narrowly able to fend off the guards. Before Vieri's men were able to attack Ezio again, however, Ezio's uncle arrived with his mercenaries. Fighting alongside Mario's men, Ezio helped drive Vieri from the countryside.[2][3]

Following the fiasco near Monteriggioni, Vieri and his men attacked Monteriggioni repeatedly for over eighteen months. Eventually, in April of 1478, Ezio met with his uncle and his mercenaries near San Gimignano. There, Mario informed Ezio of the plot to slay Vieri and terminate his control over the city.[2]


Later that same evening in April of 1478, Vieri, Francesco, and Jacopo met with Templar Grand Master Rodrigo Borgia. The Templars gathered to discuss their plans to overthrow the Medici and gain control of Florence. During the meeting, each conspirator was assigned a task for the plot, and Vieri was to remain in San Gimignano to coordinate the mercenaries.[2]

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After receiving his duty for the plot, Vieri vocalized his concerns regarding Mario, though Rodrigo told him they would deal with the Auditore later. Having concluded their discussion, Vieri ended the meeting by uttering the Templar pledge alongside his fellow Templars.[2]

Francesco, Jacopo, and Rodrigo then departed from the city, though Vieri stayed behind. He and his men were soon ambushed by Mario leading a group of mercenaries. Observing the charging enemies, Vieri quickly made his way onto the city battlements.[2]

While the battle raged on below, Ezio, who had been covertly watching the entire meeting, made his way onto the battlements. He briskly dealt with Vieri's men, and entered a duel with Vieri himself. The two fought fiercely, though Ezio overpowered Vieri and impaled him using his hidden blade.[3]


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  • 埃齐奥: 你和你同伙在计划什么?被我父亲发现了吗?他是因为这个被杀的吗?
  • 维耶里: 我很抱歉,你是想让我坦白吗?


  • 埃齐奥: Pezzo di merda! Vorrei solo che avessi sofferto di piu! Hai avuto la fine che meritavi! Spero che bru– (一坨狗屎! 我只希望你遭受更多! 你罪有应得! 我希望你–)
  • 马里奥: 够了, 埃齐奥! 表现得尊重点。
  • 埃齐奥: 尊重? 尽管发生了那样的事? 你认为他会对我们中的任何一个显示出一点善意吗?
  • 马里奥: 你不是维耶里。别变成他那样。


  • 马里奥: Che la morte ti dia la pace che cercavi. (希望死亡带给你寻求的和平。) Requiescat in pace. (安息吧。)


“So if he is loud and foul and angry - I believe it is simply because he wants to be noticed. He wants to be loved.”
——A letter from Fra Giocondo to Vieri's father, Francesco.[来源]

Vieri was a man who would do anything to get what he desired. However, he was also a coward, and would flee when his plans failed or when confronted in combat. He challenged Ezio on various occasions, yet would nearly always flee when actually confronted.

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He was also known for conducting races which he would tamper with in order to come out victorious. Although if his competitors were able to win somehow, Vieri would invite their entire families over, and then serve them a poisoned meal. His desire for success in competition and glory endured throughout his entire life.

As manifested in a letter from the scholar Fra Giocondo to Vieri's father, Vieri behaved in this way merely because he sought attention and approval from his father. Vieri wished for Francesco to recognize his abilities and devotion to the Templars. Giocondo also observed that Vieri simply wanted to be loved, mentioning that the boy spoke often and fondly of his father, as well as of a desire to be closer to him.