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维多利亚女王Queen Victoria,1819年5月24日 – 1901年1月22日)原名汉诺威王朝的亚历山德丽娜Alexandrina Victoria of the House of Hanover),1876年,她成为大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国女王,直至1837年去世。同时,在1876年她还获得了印度女皇的头衔。







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In 1868, while hosting a ball at Buckingham Palace, Victoria had the pleasure of meeting Evie Frye, who was introduced by Mary Anne Disraeli. Victoria remarked that the young Frye was behind the theft of William Ewart Gladstone's carriage, but made no effort to have her arrested, instead telling the young woman to enjoy the ball, especially the cake.[2]

The next day, Victoria met with Evie, her brother Jacob and Henry Green, having been told by Sergeant Frederick Abberline of how they thwarted a plot against her life by Crawford Starrick. In recognition of their deeds, she knighted the trio into the Order of the Sacred Garter. Before departing their company, Victoria reminded Evie that she saved some cake for her.[2]

At some point, a royal guard turned up murdered in Victoria's study, in which the Frye twins were called in. Victoria personally inspected her safe, which contained the Scepter of the Dove, which she planned on using to knight several industrialists opposing child labour later in the day. One of the Fryes then left the palace to chase down another lead and later returned to warn the Queen that a bomb was in the palace. However, the bomb turned out to be a hoax and the dead guard was in fact an impostor named Henry Raymond, who merely used spider venom to put himself in a death-like state so he could observe the Queen's combination to the safe so he could steal the Scepter. Though Raymond held young Artie hostage, the Frye twins were able to kill him, saving Artie and thwarting the caper.[2]

Victoria later summoned the Frye twins to request their aid in thwarting a faction of Templars attempting to regain their power in London through acts of terrorism. Once the plot was thwarted, including an attempt to bomb Parliament, Victoria offered the Fryes her gratitude and expressed her hope that they will continue to assist her in strengthening the British Empire. However, the twin Assassins politely state that their Creed forbids them from assisting in the expansion of the Empire. Evie suggested that the Queen put an end to her imperialist beliefs. Victoria understood and respected their position. She provides them with rewards for their deeds before bidding them farewell.[2]


  • 维多利亚女王是血友病患者,她的家人也是;因此,她把血友病命名为“皇室病”。[3]
  • 女王曾躲過七次暗殺。[3]