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AC4 Rope Dart


绳镖Rope darts)是个长距离的武器,可以投掷到敌人,一旦锚到目标便可拉近与目标的距离。




These ropes are equipped with a lethal grappling knife at the end, allowing you to pull a single opponent from a group and bring them to melee reach. It can also be used to pull an enemy into the air and hang them above ground.[2]


Everything is Permitted 4



In 1720, rope darts were given to the pirate Edward Kenway by Ah Tabai, Mentor of the Caribbean Assassins, after Edward proved himself worthy of having ties with the Assassins; unlike those later owned by his grandson, these darts could not be reused after being thrown at an enemy. He most notably used one such dart to kill the infamous pirate Bartholomew Roberts.[4]

Shay Cormac, a fellow Templar and associate to Edward's son, Haytham Kenway, also employed rope darts during the Seven Years' War.[5]

Haytham's son, Ratonhnhaké:ton, used rope darts during the American Revolutionary War, after they were given to him by his Mentor, Achilles Davenport.[2]

In 1841, rope darts were used as grappling hooks by Indian Assassin Arbaaz Mir during his quest to recover the Koh-i-Noor from Templars.[6]

In 1918, during and immediately following the Shooting of the Romanov family, Russian Assassin Nikolai Orelov was equipped with a rope dart, which he used when assassinating guards from ledges. During the same period, Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, infused with the genetic memories of Shao Jun, used a dagger given to her by Orelov and rope to fashion a makeshift rope dart.[7]


ACIII-JohnsonTrail 1

Achilles explaining the rope dart to Ratonhnhaké:ton

The weapon could be thrown down from amongst the treetops to impale enemies, who could then be used as a counterbalance for the user to drop down to ground level, hanging the victim in the process. Accompanying this aerial attack, rope darts could also choke victims to death, if an overhead ledge was utilized to increase the pressure of the strangle-hold. Following this, they could also be thrown upwards to drag enemies from rooftops.[2]

In open combat, rope darts could also be used to impale enemies and drag them towards the user, allowing for a close attack or for a human shield maneuver, as well as to wrench the intended target to the ground for a quick, instant kill.[2]

By contrast, Shao Jun primarily utilized the rope dart to swing across chasms or climb up to a ceiling, where she was harder to spot. As such, it functioned more as a tool to help her traverse the environment than as a weapon. Shao Jun generally did not employ the rope dart in open combat, but could use it to quickly assassinate a guard while she was hanging from a ledge.[3]


  • 据一篇《XboxGameZone》的文章称,康纳的长距离武器原是装配在袖刃中的“链刃”(Chain Blade),但开发团队认为这样将会走“一条太过奇幻的路线”。
  • 向敌人投掷绳镖也会造成伤害,但伤害低得令人发指,只能杀死野兔之类的小型动物。
  • 刺客信条Ⅲ中康纳用绳标将5个敌人吊在树上后会获得“猎食者”成就。
  • 将多名敌人挂在同一根树枝上会使尸体掉落。
  • 利用绳镖发动反击是除了将敌人吊在树上以为唯一一个可以消耗绳镖的情况,单纯的投掷绳镖并不会消耗绳镖。
  • 康纳若直接投掷绳镖,就可以将受害者拉到他面前。