约翰·科克拉姆John Cockram,1689年 – 1719年)是拿骚的一个英国海盗。同乔赛亚·伯吉斯一样,他与海盗共和国的领导人之一本杰明·霍尼戈尔德交往很深。在接受了国王的赦免后,他被召入了圣殿骑士组织,并成为海盗猎人,致力于消灭他的前战友。


——罗杰斯介绍伯吉斯和科克拉姆, 1719年[来源]

Little is known of Cockram's life prior to his becoming a pirate. When Benjamin Hornigold was the leading figure in the pirate republic of Nassau, Cockram served as his deputy and was based out of Harbour Island. He also married the daughter of Richard Thompson, local merchant.[1] By 1718, he, along with Burgess and Hornigold, had become dissatisfied with the state of Nassau, feeling it had turned into an unbearable slum. As such, Cockram eagerly accepted the British Crown's pardon, offered to him by Woodes Rogers, and was then invited to join the Templars in their attempts to restore order in the region.[2]


As Cockram and Burgess made to leave to notify their Templar brethren, they were killed by Edward Kenway, who had teamed up with Roberts in exchange for the location of the Observatory. In their final moments, Cockram and Burgess claimed the Templars had been like a family for them and called Edward out on his selfish motivations.[2]


  • Like his friend Burgess, Cockram is shown with a red color scheme, similar to a Redcoat, in development art and his database entry, but has a blue and gold color scheme in the actual game.
  • If Kenway openly confronts Cockram, the latter functions like an Agile guard or an Officer.
  • A trailer of Black Flag shows Cockram being captured by Thatch at Ocracoke, where he is almost killed by the latter when he threw a knife near his neck but in the game, he was never present during Robert Maynard's attack. Here, Cockram is depicted in his Redcoat color scheme.