——John Standish, 2013.[来源]
IFW emblem

An emblem of the Instruments of the First Will

第一文明的仆从是先行者的工具,其主要任务是释放朱诺 ,从她在大殿里的监禁中释放回到这个世界上。在他们的信仰中认为,人类应该把自己交给朱诺统治,成为第一文明的奴隶,在全球范围内扮演她的代理人。在2013年左右的行动中,第一批人的主要特工之一是艾塔的转世——约翰·斯坦迪什艾塔第一文明的成员,也是朱诺的丈夫。在他在蒙特利尔的Abstergo娱乐公司当软件工程师的那段时间里,约翰通过二维码,在整个建筑中分发了这个组织的宣言。

First, and the servants of civilization is a pioneer in tool, its main task is to release the Juno, released from her imprisoned in the temple, it is their belief in the world, human beings should give themselves to Juno, became the first slave civilization, played her agent in worldwide around 2013, the first batch of the embodiment of people is one of the main agents of the kingdom, he is the embodiment of concerned, he is a member of the first civilization, and husband of Juno In his Abstergo entertainment in Montreal office during that time, John through quick response code paste on the label, in the distribution of the collective declaration in the building

In operation around 2013, one of the Instruments of the First Will's primary agents was the Sage John Standish, a reincarnation of Aita, who had been a member of the First Civilization and the husband of Juno. During his time at the Abstergo Entertainment office in Mont


  • The emblem is the symbol of the asteroid 3 Juno, the symbol itself is meant to be a scepter topped with a star.
  • The emblem can also be seen in The Lost Archive memory The Truth.