“We submit ourselves to eternal servitude in service of a grander fulfillment. We submit the world to itself it being a product that feeds life to life and death to death.”
——John Standish, 2013.[来源]
IFW emblem

An emblem of the Instruments of the First Will

The Instruments of the First Will is a small collective whose primary mission is the release of Juno, freed from her imprisonment in the Grand Temple, upon the world.[1] It is their belief that humanity should submit itself to Juno and become slaves to the First Civilization once more,[2] in effect acting as her agents on a global scale.

In operation around 2013, one of the Instruments of the First Will's primary agents was the Sage John Standish, a reincarnation of Aita, who had been a member of the First Civilization and the husband of Juno. During his time at the Abstergo Entertainment office in Montreal, John distributed the collective's manifesto throughout the building via quick response codes on sticky labels.[1]


  • The emblem is the symbol of the asteroid 3 Juno, the symbol itself is meant to be a scepter topped with a star.
  • The emblem can also be seen in The Lost Archive memory The Truth.