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Nicholas II of Russia


尼古拉斯二世(1868年5月18日 - 1918年7月17日)俄国最后一个沙皇,芬兰王国亲王,名义上的波兰王国国王。是沙皇亚历山大三世的儿子。



Nicholas II of Russia was born in Alexander Palace, located in the small village of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg. He was the son of Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna and the brother of Alexander, George, Michael and two sisters.[1]


In 1881, Nicholas witnessed the assassination of his grandfather Tsar Alexander II[1]at the hands of the Assassin Order.[2]As a result, Alexander III was made Tsar of Russia and Nicholas became Tsarevich (Son of the Tsar).[1]

In 1888, Nicholas traveled with his family from Crimea to Saint Petersburg. While the family was in the dining car, the Assassin Nikolai Orelov entered, with his gun ready to shoot the Tsar. Alexander wasn't in the car, however, and attacked the Assassin from behind. A fight ensued, with the train cart derailing as a result. The family got trapped inside, but Alexander's strong physique allowed him to lift up the cart's roof, enabling his family to escape.[2]Afterwards, they returned to Saint Petersburg, where their safe return was celebrated.[1]


Orelov Rev v


At one point during the final months of his life, Nicholas' palace was infiltrated by the Assassin Nikolai Orelov. The Assassin murdered the Tsarevich's guards, before grabbing him and showing a picture of the Tsarevich with the Staff, wanting him to lead the Assassin to the location of the Piece of Eden. Nicholas led Orelov to the room where the Staff was placed, though Orelov quickly concluded that it was merely a replica, as the original Staff was made of a glowing, enchanting form of metal. Nicholas then begged the Assassin to spare the life of his family, should his objective be to kill the Tsarevich, just like the Assassin did with his father's family. Orelov replied that he didn't come to kill him and left through one of the palace's windows, but not before hearing the Tsarevich tell him that Rasputin wore a shard around his neck that consisted of the same material as the Staff, according to Orelov's description.[3]