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c. 1695
Cuba, New Spain


Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

欧琵娅·阿皮托(Opía Apito) (1695~不詳) 是泰諾族出身的刺客大師,隸屬於加勒比海刺客兄弟會,也是開曼群島刺客分布的領導。







By 1716, the location of Opía's bureau had been exposed to the Templars by Edward Kenway, who had delivered them maps detailing the whereabouts of various Assassin encampments in the Caribbean, created by the traitorous Assassin Duncan Walpole.

On the advice of James Kidd, Edward went to meet Opía and warn her about the Templar agent, who was carrying a unique Templar key, pursuing her. After explaining the situation to her, Edward offered to help undo his mistake in exchange for the Templar's key, which could open a vault at his compound on Great Inagua.

Distrustful of the pirate, Opía challenged him to a hunting contest in exchange for her help. Despite her initial hostility and confidence, she admitted defeat when Edward managed to kill a white jaguar. Opía then agreed to assist him, instructing Edward to meet her on Grand Cayman, where they would investigate.

Upon meeting Edward there, she admitted to being surprised, not having expected him to turn up at all. After some brief conversation, Edward set out to find the person that had caused the influx of frigates in the otherwise peaceful fishing village, with Opía staying near the docks. Mingling with the populace, Edward then returned to inform her that a woman by the name of "Márquez" was the cause, shocking Opía, who recognized the surname from her childhood. Following this, the pair headed to the house of Vargas, Márquez's right-hand man, in the hopes of finding her there.

Having made it to Vargas' residence, Opía ordered Edward to hide nearby and knocked on the door, requesting an audience with Lucia Márquez. This caused Vargas, who had been in the house, to flee via the back door to his ship. Using the Jackdaw, Opía and Edward caught up to Vargas, crippling his vessel and subsequently boarding her. After a brief interrogation, Vargas revealed that Márquez had journeyed to Juventud, giving Opía confirmation that she was indeed Márquez's target.

The pair then made their way to the island, infiltrating the Mayan ruins by tailing one of Márquez's men. There, they attacked the Templar's troops to try to force her out of hiding, which they eventually did. Firing at both of them, Márquez fled deeper into the ruins, but was eventually killed by Edward. With her dying breath, Márquez criticized the Taíno for failing to see what wealth and freedom her father could have brought to the Caribbean. Opía refuted her claims, stating that her people had already been living freely.


——欧琵娅·阿皮托 , 1716.[来源]

在童年時期中,欧琵娅·阿皮托就已經是頑強的生存者,而且懂得隱藏自己的行蹤 , as evidenced by the "ghost" bureau she led. As she was not without her enemies, Opía lived quite a solitary life and tended to be wary of strangers, often questioning their true motivations. This likely contributed to her staying away from cities like Havana and Kingston, as well as smaller communities such as Grand Cayman.

Opía strongly believed in the survival of her people, even though their numbers had dwindled greatly, and took great pride in her Taíno roots. As such, she belittled Edward during their contest, claiming "hunting was not in his blood". Opía also possessed a competitive streak, as demonstrated by her goading her opponent and at one point bending the rules in her favor. However, after Edward killed a white jaguar, she recognized his capabilities and admitted defeat.

In a strategic approach characteristic of her people, Opía would opt to harm the enemy by taking something from them in battle, that they might live to notice it missing. Despite this preference, she was able to hold her own in battle when necessary. Opía also seemed to favor plans that involved distracting the enemy, allowing an ally to approach unnoticed and launch a surprise attack.

Besides the Assassin's Creed, Opía was guided throughout her life by her own mantra, Aji aya bom, which meant "better dead than a slave". This reflected her belief that personal freedom should be valued above all else.


  •  opi'a在泰諾語中意思是"精神"或"靈魂",apito意思是"無限"和"永恆"
  • 據諸多阿布斯泰戈娛樂研究者推測,歐琵婭·阿皮托的親生父親亞力山卓·歐特佳·馬爾克斯也是露西亞的父親。這樣的話,其實露西亞和歐琵婭是同父異母的姐妹