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枪械Firearms)是一种远程武器,通过推进剂的燃烧发射高速的弹丸 。在中世纪晚期,就有使用它们的记录。



“我们对通过弹丸打击敌人的方式并不陌生,我观察到东部邻国已经有了类似的武器。但是,他们的武器体积过大 - 并不能满足我们的需要。”
——阿泰尔手札, 第28页[来源]
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刺客阿泰尔·伊本·拉阿哈德虽然知道枪支在古代中国被用做武器, 但意识到这种武器在目前的规模上没有太大的用处, 所以对他们不太感兴趣。

因此, 在得到伊甸苹果时, 他成功地利用了它的知识,采用了浓缩的设计,"改变枪械的形状,使之能够戴在手腕上。".



文艺复兴时期的意大利, 另一位刺客, 佛罗伦萨的艾吉奥 奥迪托雷,得到了阿泰尔手札并给莱昂纳多破解,莱昂纳多破解了密码, 因此做出了能让埃齐奥使用的袖枪。[1]

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在十六世纪前期枪械很少见,在1499年切萨雷 波吉亚强迫莱昂纳多 达 芬奇为其设计一种簧轮枪并装备在波吉亚军队中。[2]

切萨雷的盟友,法国男爵奥克塔维安 德 瓦卢瓦(Octavian de Valois),收到一支莱昂纳多设计的定制的黄金簧轮枪并伴随其一生。 在攻陷蒙特里久尼的战役中,切萨雷用这把手枪击毙马里奥 奥迪托雷[2]

A variety of firearms began to circulate among common guards as well, with arquebusiers wielding long muskets or arquebuses, and with several horsemen and Papal Guards using shorter pistols.[2]

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During Ezio's travels to Constantinople, he encountered Turkish soldiers using Ottoman flintlock muskets, as well as Janissaries who used short pistols. The Assassins of the local guild also made use of firearms to guard nearby dens, ranging from simple muskets to cannons.[3]

Meanwhile, the Byzantines forces had designed an early version of a flamethrower, which they used to deliver Greek Fire.[3] They also had a form of a machine gun, which was similar in construct to Leonardo da Vinci's prototype.[2] Both of these were then later adapted by the Assassins, in order to aid them in defending their dens.[3]


After the discovery of the Americas, and as European powers entered an age of colonization, firearms became much more common. By the early 1700s, muskets with bayonets had become standard equipment for armies and navies, while high-ranking soldiers like officers and Jägers wielded flintlock pistols.[4]

As it still took time to reload and clean firearms, pirates were usually accustomed to carrying multiple pistols at any one time. Edward Kenway and Edward Thatch, for example, carried up to four pistols on their person. Kenway also utilized a custom-made set of pistol swords - deadly blades with small, smoothbore pistols built into their hilts. These were fired by squeezing a trigger built into the sword's pommel, and could be used for finishing moves in combat.[4]

Notably, the Assassin Adéwalé used powerful blunderbusses during his alliance with the Maroon rebellion of Saint Domingue. These weapons used tightly-crowded packets of lead shot and featured a wide spread of fire, able to wound or kill several guards at a time. Once, while chasing the island's governor, Marquis de Fayet, Adéwalé used the firearm to kill five of the governor's guards with a single blast.[5]


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During the Seven Years' War, the Assassin-turned-Templar Shay Cormac used a prototype firearm known as an Air rifle, which could fire a variety of diversionary projectiles and grenades.[6]

The French-African Assassin Aveline de Grandpré was able to wield muskets, as well as two Queen Anne pistols. Similar to the flintlock pistols, these were single shot weapons and took time to reload. Other firearms, some of which were capable of firing multiple times before reloading, could also be bought at weapon shops.[7]

Much like Aveline, the Colonial Assassin Connor could make use of various firearms. By the time of American Revolutionary War, he too was able to purchase some pistols that were advanced enough to carry two or more shots at a time.[8]

During the French Revolution, Assassins such as Arno Dorian utilized multi-barreled flintlock pistols.[9]




During the late 19th and early 20th century, in the Russian Revolution, the Russian Assassin Nikolai Orelov wielded a modern bolt-action Berdan rifle, alongside the usual weaponry of his time.[10]

In 2012, Assassins continued to wield firearms in combat, and once used them on a direct assault on Abstergo Industries, in an attempt to rescue Desmond Miles; though Desmond overheard exchanged automatic gunfire through the facility's intercom, Dr. Warren Vidic eventually told him that the rescue attempt had failed, and that most of the team had been killed.[11] Firearms were also, at this point, standard equipment for Abstergo Industries' guards in the Rome facility.[8]

AC3 Desmond Cross Lab.png

丹尼尔 克洛斯用一把定制手枪瞄准戴斯蒙德 迈尔斯

Once during a night-time infiltration of a Manhattan office building, Desmond Miles came across a power source for the Grand Temple and aimed to retrieve it from its case. Despite his acquisition of the cube, Daniel Cross surprised and threatened Desmond with a pistol; undeterred, Desmond clobbered Cross to unconsciousness with the power source and left. Subsequently, when Desmond searched for the second source at a mixed martial arts tournament in Brazil, Cross killed its owner and proceeded to shoot after Desmond, with Abstergo guards also doing so. However, this did not prevent Desmond from fighting Cross and taking the second power source.[8]

In December of that year, once Desmond had assassinated Cross at Abstergo's Rome facility in his attempts to rescue his father, Warren Vidic authorized guards to use deadly force on contact with Desmond. However, he took Cross' pistol – an MK23 – and could use it in the latter half of his assault, which worked similarly to his ancestor Connor's flintlocks, only that it had a much larger magazine, a higher rate of fire, and had a suppressor attached.[8]

The following year, when the Sage John Standish attempted to kill a research analyst working with Abstergo Entertainment, the facility's guards shot through the Bunker's glass door and killed John when he produced a handgun of his own.[8]



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安妮女王手枪 1 4 2 N/A 刺客
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