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ACTemplars Andre Bolden

Dre Bolden

安德烈·"德瑞"·波登(André "Dre" Bolden,1944年出生)是來自巴爾的摩非裔美國退伍軍人,被阿布斯泰戈招募以探索他那許多成為黑色十字的家族歷史。



A veteran of the Vietnam War, Bolden received a Purple heart, but suffered from PTSD due to some actions he comited during the War. A decade after his return, he fell in love with a woman and adopted her daughter, but because of his troubles she later left him with their daughter. By 2016, André hadn't seen either of them since ten years.

Working for Berg编辑

In 2016, Bolden was approached by the Templars who lied to him, pretending to wish to cure him from his PTSD because Abstergo cared about the veterans while their true goal was to have access to his DNA. After he accepted their offer, the Templars brought Andre to their Philadelphia facility, where the old man was greeted by Juhani Otso Berg and his team before being put into an Animus.

Now in 1805, André witnessed the meeting between Jan van der Graff, a dutch agent of Napoleon Bonaparte and Black Cross Solomon Bolden aboard a ship sailing for Lybia on the Barbary Coast. During the session, André witnessed the two men fighting against pirates sent after the Templar by the Sultan before they decided to make an alliance. The slaver would help van der Graff to accomplish his mission and the Dutchman would make him enter into the Sultan's palace.

Waking up and realizing that he had been deceived, Bolden somehow reinvigorated by the Bleeding Effect neutralized two men before fleeing the complex. Later, Berg found his trace back into a hotel and convinced André to continue exploring the memories of his ancestor.


  • While being a member of the Bolden family, André is the descendant of Jan van der Graff and not of Solomon Bolden.
  • Bolden is a fan of Star Trek, often comparing the technology of Abstergo to the series'.