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“You are a fighter, aye. In prison, I heard stories of the infamous Anne Bonny and Mary Read, taking on the King's Navy together. Just the pair of you.”
——Edward on Anne's reputation, 1721.[来源]

安妮·伯尼Anne Bonny,née Cormac;1702 – 1743)是一位在西印度洋營業的愛爾蘭海盜。在18世紀初期,她變成愛德華·肯威的合作者並在後期兩人的合作關係變得更密切了。

Initially a young barmaid at the Old Avery tavern in Nassau, Anne quickly became acquainted with individuals such as "Calico" Jack Rackham and Mary Read, the latter initially posing as James Kidd. Launching her own career as a pirate, she, along with Mary and Rackham, raised a small crew and escaped the island in August 1720, intending to execute a series of swift robberies before retiring with enough gold to live off.

However, the entire crew was arrested by the British authorities a few months later; Anne and Mary resisted fiercely, but were unable to beat back the guards by themselves. Taken to Kingston for trial, the two women were able to stay their execution by revealing they were pregnant. Anne would eventually escape prison with the help of Edward and Ah Tabai, but Mary perished, her health having deteriorated after giving birth.

Following a depression brought on by the death of her own child, Anne joined Edward's crew as his quartermaster aboard the Jackdaw. When he left for England in October 1722, Anne opted to stay in the West Indies.













Anne:“We're in a maelstrom, captain!
Edward:“Beats working behind a bar, don't it?
——Anne and Edward while pursuing Bartholomew Roberts, 1722.[来源]

Following Adéwalé's departure to join the Assassins, Anne became Edward's quartermaster aboard the Jackdaw, supporting him in his pursuit of Bartholomew Roberts, as well as the Templars Woodes Rogers and Laureano de Torres y Ayala. Whilst sailing towards Kingston to find Rogers, their first target, Anne and Edward talked about her time with Mary and Rackham.[2]

A Governor No Longer 1


Having arrived in Kingston, Edward and Anne met with the Assassin bureau leader, Antó, who reported that Rogers was hosting a party before his return to London, having fallen out of favor with the king. Anne remarked that the king was probably displeased that the Templar had not fully purged the West Indies of pirates. She remained at the bureau while Edward killed and impersonated a visiting Italian diplomat in order to assassinate Rogers.[2]

After acquiring Roberts' location in Príncipe, Edward and his crew pursued Roberts' ship, the Royal Fortune. Although Anne suggested they simply sink the galleon, Edward refused, as Roberts had a valuable artifact with him that needed to be recovered. He instead crippled the ship before boarding and assassinating Roberts.[2]

The pair then returned to Havana to find Torres. Anne once more stayed at the local Assassin bureau while Edward tracked down his final target, only to return with the report that the man he had assassinated was a decoy. Deducing that Torres was headed for the Observatory, Edward decided to head there. Upon arriving, Anne questioned why Edward would bring the Crystal Skull that Torres sought directly to him – Edward answered that he intended to taunt the Grand Master with it.[2]

Going ashore and making their way through the jungle of Long Bay, Edward and Anne freed captive native guardians from Torres' soldiers before arriving at the Observatory's entrance. Edward instructed her to remain outside and guard the entrance, as well as protect the Crystal Skull, while he ventured inside to end Torres. Once the task was done, Anne accompanied Ah Tabai and Adéwalé into the complex, where the Crystal Skull was reinserted into its rightful place.[2]


“England's the wrong way 'round the globe for an Irishwoman.”
——Anne refusing Edward's offer to accompany him back home, 1722.[来源]
The End 4


Afterwards, Anne and Edward returned to Great Inagua, where they awaited the arrival of Edward's daughter Jennifer Scott, of whose existence he had learned only recently. Edward invited Anne to return to England with him, but she refused the offer, claiming she did not belong there. He then asked her about staying with the Assassins, but she believed she did not have the necessary conviction, even if she was sympathetic to their cause.[2]

As a ship sailed into the cove, Anne assured Edward that she considered him to be a good man, and felt he could prove himself a good father in time as well. She then began to sing "The Parting Glass", while Edward ventured down to the docks to greet his daughter.[2]


Edward:“How does it feel to bark so loud?
Anne:“I've barked louder, and to men twice as rough.
——Anne to Edward, 1721.[来源]

Although Anne's early years were trademarked by a sort of aimlessness, with much of her days spent idling and daydreaming, her sense of adventure was present even then, as evidenced by her decision to journey to the West Indies. In the rough town of Nassau, she grew into a determined young woman, who held her own amongst the island's inhabitants.[2]

A Governor No Longer 9


However, it was Mary Read who served as the catalyst for the barmaid's transformation into a fierce fighter. Despite the fact that her stint in piracy was comparably brief to others, Anne made a name for herself, cursing and fighting as ferociously as any man.[2] Reportedly, she fired shots at her own cowering drunken crew members on the day that she was captured by the British authorities.[3] Even as she was confronted with the prospect of her own execution, Anne stood her ground, ridiculing the judge for good measure when her sentence was postponed.[2]

In spite of Anne's rough exterior, she cared deeply for her friends, causing their subsequent deaths to profoundly affect her. The loss of her son further compounded her grief and guilt, instilling in her the feeling that she was being punished for the life she had led. Slowly, Anne recovered from this depression, eventually returning to sea as the Jackdaw’s quartermaster,[2] a position she filled gladly.[3]


“Fit for another dozen fights, aye.”
——Anne asserting her proficiency at combat, 1722.[来源]

Trained by her friend Mary, Anne was a capable fighter, adept at wielding swords and firearms. She also had advanced freerunning skills, allowing her to keep up with Edward as he navigated Long Bay's jungles. As well as this, Anne possessed great nautical knowledge, which served her well in her role as quartermaster.[2]


  • Originally, Edward was meant to witness and participate in Anne and Mary's battle against the British, ending with their imprisonment, but this idea was dropped during the early stages of development.[4]
  • The database notes that historically, Anne was believed to have been freed from prison after her father paid off the governor, and taken to the British colonies in North America, where she died in 1782. However, the footage recorded by Abstergo Entertainment throws this assumption into question.
  • Anne's database entry mistakenly refers to her husband as "Jack" Bonny.
  • In the Black Flag novel, the attraction Edward felt towards Anne is much more prevalent and even appears mutual, with the pair bidding each other goodbye with a kiss.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Memories, an older Anne is depicted as wielding at least one Hidden Blade, though whether she actually joined the Assassins is uncertain.
  • Although her maiden name was Cormac, Anne possessed no relation to Shay Cormac, with the similarity in surname being purely coincidental.[5]



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