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卡尤斯·富尔维乌斯·武尔图尔(Caïus Fulvus Vultur)(未知 - 259)是罗马元老院成员及圣殿骑士团的秘密成员。

生平 编辑

In 259 CE, Vultur traveled to Lugdunum to meet with his old friendLucius, who was secretly an Assassin. Lucius' son Aquilus arrived during Vultur's visit, with the Ankh concealed on his person. The next day, Aquilus left and Vultur interrogated Lucius, asking him about the artifact. In the process, he killed Lucius and fatally wounded his servant Weke, who chased after Vultur, but managed to retrieve the Ankh.

Once he had learned of the events, Aquilus sought out the Senator in Rome, where the traitor lived. He managed to infiltrate Vultur's house, and after a short skirmish, Aquilus managed to enter the Senator's room with the aid of one of Vultur's guards. After Vultur attempted to ambush the Assassin with a spear and failed, the Senator explained to Aquilus about the history of the Ankh he had stolen after he was seized, following which he was killed by Aquilus, who took the Ankh with him.