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西印度群岛刺客兄弟会West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins),已知又称为加勒比刺客兄弟会Caribbean Brotherhood of Assassins),是刺客组织位于加勒比海地区的支派,创始于1503年后刺客蔓延到新世界。

历史 编辑

Early history 编辑

In 1503, Ezio Auditore da Firenze sent a group of Assassins to Constantinople, where they managed to retrieve maps of the New World from Piri Reis' workshop. Realizing that the Templars were already expanding their influence to the new-found lands, the Assassins swiftly followed suit. After these Assassin immigrants from Europe made contact with the indigenous peoples in the Caribbean, many natives joined the Order, finding similarities between their own way of living and the Assassin ideology.

By 1510, the Caribbean Assassins were known to be located in Florida, where they discovered and protected the Fountain of Youth, which held an Apple of Eden. That year, the Assassins welcomed the former slave and translator for the Spanish Army,Alonso Carlo, and his adopted son Miguel Ramón Carlo de Lugo, after their escape from persecution by Juan Ponce de León. In 1521, Ponce de León arrived in Florida searching for the Fountain of Youth, where he was halted by Miguel. After Ponce de León refused to stop his search, the Assassins shot him with poisoned arrows, ultimately leading to his death.

In 1673, Thom Kavanagh, a native of Boston who worked at Peter Beckford's estate in Jamaica, was pursued by the Grand Master of the Caribbean Templars, Laureano de Torres y Ayala. Knowing Kavanagh to be a Sage, a reincarnation of Aita, Torres believed the man knew the location of the Observatory. In an effort to keep the Templars from learning the Observatory's location, the Assassins, with Bahlam, intercepted Kavanagh and brought him to Tulum. Kavanagh refused to share the Observatory's location with the Assassins, while he couldn't explain the visions that haunted him. Bahlam accepted the explanation, and let Kavanagh leave the island with the help of Bahlam's son, Ah Tabai.

Under Ah Tabai 编辑

Four decades later, Ah Tabai became the Mentor of the Caribbean Assassins, and made the recovery and protection of the Sage one of the Order's highest priorities. However, despite his efforts, the Assassins were not able to locate Kavanagh's successor before he was captured by the Templars.

Under Ah Tabai's direction, the Caribbean Brotherhood grew vast and expanded throughout the West Indies, establishing bureaus stationed in Havana, Kingston, Nassau and the Cayman Islands. Ah Tabai maintained contact with the British, North American and Chinese Brotherhoods at the time.

In 1698, Ah Tabai recruited Antó, a Maroon leader who rose in the ranks of the Brotherhood, effectively becoming the Kingston bureau leader. Some time later, Rhona Dinsmore, Opía Apito, Vance Travers and Mary Read were inducted into the Order, with the first three becoming bureau leaders of Havana, the Cayman Islands and Nassau, respectively.

Ah Tabai tasked the Assassin Duncan Walpole with leading a team to rescue the Sage, unaware that Walpole had defected to the Templar Order and intended to assist them. Duncan failed in his task however, due to his demise at the hands of the pirate Edward Kenway. Kenway then unknowingly harmed the Assassins by delivering the locations of bureaus in the Caribbean, as well as a blood vial, to Torres and the Templars.

Torres revealed that the new Sage was a man by the name of Bartholomew Roberts whom they intended to interrogate to uncover the location of the Observatory. The Assassins attempted to free Roberts via ground assault in Havana and were ultimately unsuccessful, though Roberts later managed to escape Templar custody.

In 1716, Tulum was attacked by a British regiment led by a Templar-allied slaver Laurens Prins. Kenway, with the help of Mary Read, managed to defend the Assassin encampment and push back the attackers, though Tulum was continually assaulted by the Templars in the following years. Edward became an uneasy ally of the Assassins, tracking the Templars who hunted the bureau leaders across the Caribbean.

In 1722, after repeated attacks on Tulum from both the Royal and Spanish Navy, Kenway offered his hideout on Great Inagua to the Brotherhood. Ah Tabai accepted and eventually moved the Order to the new location, though he expressed concern that their headquarters might be compromised again. He therefore decided to scatter the Order among the people, similar to what Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad did with the Levantine Assassins in the 12th century.

In 1723, Ah Tabai appointed a faction of Assassins to guard the Observatory along with the indigenous Guardians.