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“One last thing: as you raise your synchronization by executing events the way Ezio lived them, you might discover some... repressed memories.”
——Rebecca Crane to Desmond Miles.[来源]

克里斯蒂娜记忆(Cristina memories)刺客信条:兄弟会中”被压抑“的一部分记忆,展示了在刺客信条II 的时间线中,刺客埃齐奥·奥迪托雷克里斯蒂娜·韦斯普奇之间发生的故事。

Similarly to how Desmond Miles was only able to access the late memories of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad after reaching a high synchronization level with him, Rebecca Crane explains that these previously repressed memories would be unlocked in different points in Rome after gaining certain amounts of synchronization with Ezio Auditore.



Second Chance 7.png

Cristina kisses Ezio.


In Florence, after being encouraged by his brother to try speaking with a pretty lady he saw passing on the street, Ezio instead stuttered and made himself look like a fool. Cristina left, though she smiled at his attempts, which Federico assured Ezio was a promising sign. Wishing for a second chance, Ezio decided to follow Cristina home to see where she lived. However, as Cristina passed through an alleyway, she met Vieri de' Pazzi standing at her door, who told her, "I'm tired of waiting for you to open your legs to me on your own." As he attempted to sexually assault her, Ezio stepped in and told Vieri that he seemed to be "disturbing this young lady's day." At this, Vieri started a fight with Ezio, but was sorely beaten. Thanking Ezio, Cristina told him her name and admitted that it looked like he had gotten his second chance.




Cristina and Ezio, shortly after the Auditore family's burial.


Soon after the execution of Federico, Petruccio and Giovanni Auditore, Ezio sought to bury and give the final rites to his family. Ezio and Cristina arrived at the Palazzo della Signoria to retrieve their bodies, but after interrogating a guard, Ezio discovered that the bodies of his kin had already been taken to be dumped into the river. Ezio and Cristina hurried to the docks, where Ezio expalned he planed to kill the guards to get rescue his father's and brother's bodies. It was because of Cristina's plea's that he retrieved his kin one at a time to avoid being detected by the six guards on duty. After burning and setting the bodies adrift in the Arno, Ezio wished for Cristina to leave the city with him for Monteriggioni, but Cristina declined saying that she couldn't leave her family. Ezio responded by giving her a crest-shaped pendant, saying, "Now we'll always be together."




Ezio meeting Cristina upon his return to Florence.


Ezio returned to Florence two years after his departure, in 1478, and met with Cristina, only to be told that she had thought he would never return, and that she was already engaged. Upon discovering that Cristina's fiance, Manfredo Soderini, was being attacked by men whom he owed a gambling debt to, Ezio came to his aid.

After rescuing him, Ezio dangled the man over a bridge and demanded to know if he truly loved Cristina. Manfredo sincerely replied that he did and if he died now he would die loving her, thus Ezio made him promise to be a faithful husband to Cristina, and to stop gambling otherwise he would hunt him down and kill him. Ezio then returned to Cristina, taking one last, long kiss from Cristinia. Then he tells her that he had made sure Manfredo would be a good husband to her. He then left abruptly, much to Cristina's confusion.




Ezio and Cristina talking in Venice.


Upon learning from Leonardo da Vinci that Cristina was attending the Carnevale in Venice, with her husband Manfredo. Ezio wrote a fake note to Cristina to meet him in an alleyway, pretending to be her husband. Upon locating Cristina with Eagle Vision, Ezio planted the letter on her and waited at the meeting point. Unaware of Ezio's identity because of his mask, Cristina kissed Ezio, wondering why her husband had suddenly become so romantic. However, when she discovered who he was, she angrily pushed him away, stating incredulously that she hadn't seen him in eight years. As Ezio attempted to explain himself, Cristina interrupted him by saying that she had loved him, and not her fiance all those years ago, yet he had abandoned her to be married. She coldly said that his chance had passed, and told him to never look for her again.



Love's Labour 3.png

Cristina dying in Ezio's arms.


In Florence in 1498, during the height of the Bonfire of the Vanities, Ezio found a dying Manfredo on the ground, who told him that Girolamo Savonarola's men had attacked their home, and that Cristina had fled with guards pursuing her. Ezio hunted down the guards and killed them, however Cristina had already been mortally wounded. Ezio attempted to carry Cristina to a doctor, only to have her die in his arms; however, not before Cristina showed him the pendant he had given her, which she had kept for the past twenty-two years out of a desire that they "could have had a second chance." As she closed her eyes, Ezio gave Cristina her last rites by quietly saying, "Requiescat in pace, my love."


  • 整个回忆是基于刺客信条:文艺复兴(小说)改编的
    • 在刺客信条:文艺复兴中,埃齐奥是从 马基雅维利嘴中得知克里斯蒂娜的死讯的
    • 在刺客信条:文艺复兴(小说)中克里斯蒂娜的姓是Calfucci而不是Vespucci
  • 如果拒绝进行第一个回忆会出现BUG
  • 在第一个回忆中,埃齐奥就已经会混入人群当中了。而并非像刺客信条II中直到父亲和兄弟被杀后才由葆拉教会。
  • 在第二个回忆中,埃齐奥可以搜索他死去亲属的尸体,尽管什么也搜不到。
  • 在第三个回忆中,埃齐奥穿着金属盔甲,美第奇披风以及装备着袖枪。 尽管当时他尚未拥有其中的任何一件东西
  • 想要开始每段受抑制的记忆,玩家必须去和一个长得很像克里斯蒂娜的女人对话。每次,这个女人正在做的事就是克里斯蒂娜当初记忆发生时可能做的事。比如触发第四个回忆的女人在卖狂欢节面具,触发第五个回忆的女人受了伤在看医生。
  • 在克里斯蒂娜的回忆中,埃齐奥兜帽的内衬是白色的,而在刺客信条II中兜帽的内衬是红色。
  • 在克里斯蒂娜的回忆中埃齐奥都是手持阿泰尔之剑(从“最好的人”开始),尽管他最快也是在刺杀格里马尔迪 后拿到此剑的。
  • 在“最后的仪式”中埃齐奥能进入他父亲的书房和莱昂纳多·达·芬奇在佛罗伦萨的工作室。类似的,埃齐奥在“不受欢迎的人”中能进入威尼斯的馨香玫瑰妓院。
  • 可以攻击引起记忆的那个女人,但无法杀死她。