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Henry Raymond

亨利‧雷蒙 (Henry Raymond) (未知 – 1868年) was a penny dreadful journalist during the mid-19th century. 1868年,西蒙和他的年青小粉絲Arthur Conan Doyle,一同與刺客雅各布伊微共同解決數個在倫敦發生的謀殺案。

及後, and after their reputation as detectives had grown, the twins were summoned by Queen Victoria, via Frederick Abberline, in order to solve the murder of one of her guards in the palace. Conducting his investigation, Jacob discovered that the culprit was in fact Raymond, who was posing as a guard in order to steal the Sceptre of the Queen. His deception involved taking spider venom to induce a death-like state so he could watch the Queen enter the combination to her safe when she assumed a thief was after it, as well as leaving a series of false clues that the palace would be bombed, in order to allow his escape.

Pursuing the thief to the roof of Buckingham Palace, Jacob cornered Raymond, who had taken Arthur Conan Doyle as a hostage. Jacob distracted Raymond, holding him at gunpoint, whilst his sister, Evie, climbed the palace façade; reaching Raymond from behind, Evie killed him by throwing him off the roof, saving Arthur from his former friend in the process.


  • The name "Henry Raymond" was a known alias of Adam Worth, a famous criminal mastermind nicknamed "the Napoleon of Crime". A title that would eventually be shared by Professor James Moriarty, the adversary of Arthur Conan Doyle's famed fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.