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“As Gonfaloniere it is my duty to ensure that the city of Firenze remains a shining beacon of justice. Corruption and its ilk shall find no purchase here so long as I am in control.”
——Uberto Alberti, on his role as Florence's Gonfaloniere, 1476.[来源]


乌贝托·阿尔贝蒂(Uberto Alberti,1416 – 1476) 是圣殿骑士组织成员,弗洛伦萨的正义旗手(最高司法长官)。洛伦佐·德·美弟奇的前盟友,在奥迪托雷阴谋之前一直是奥迪托雷家族 的盟友,与埃齐奥的父亲,乔瓦尼·奥迪托雷·达·佛罗伦萨私交甚密——但最终他在圣殿骑士大师,罗德里格 波齐亚的指令下害死了乔万尼全家男丁,只有埃齐奥侥幸逃过一劫


早年,以及与圣殿骑士的联系 编辑



与美第奇家族合作 编辑

乌贝托建议乔瓦尼和洛伦佐注意到眼前的某些麻烦上,包括罗德里戈 · 博吉亚对于暗杀加莱亚佐 · 马里亚 · 斯福尔扎的预先计划。他负责解密一封乔瓦尼在威尼斯截获的密函,尽管这封密函在之后由安东尼奥 · 马费伊破译了,但乌贝托仍然将它归于自己的努力。之后乌贝托拥有了一份部分破译的信的内容。他将信件交由乔瓦尼让他递送到罗马,希望刺客们能赶上阴谋者。在罗马,罗德里戈 · 博吉亚从乔瓦尼手中逃脱之后,乌贝托参加了一个由西班牙人举行的会议。与其他圣殿骑士一并,他被告知乔瓦尼要被处置掉以便于成功进行他们的计划。


“In the absence of any compelling evidence to the contrary, I am bound to pronounce you guilty.”
——Uberto to Giovanni[来源]
一段时间之后,埃齐奥 · 奥迪托雷 · 德 · 佛罗伦萨偶然在乔瓦尼的办公室里遇见了乌贝托,当时他父亲和 Gonfaloniere 正在商量某件急事;在埃齐奥弄明白他们的讨论内容之前,他被乔瓦尼请了出去。不久之后,乌贝托以叛国罪的名义宣布逮捕乔瓦尼、费代里科、彼得鲁乔还有埃齐奥。但当卫兵到他家的时候,埃齐奥正在帮他的父亲跑腿,因此逃过了追捕。在监狱中见过乔瓦尼之后,埃齐奥被要求去送一封包括针对美第奇家族的阴谋罪证的信给乌贝托。

埃齐奥到达时,乌贝托邀请这个年轻的佛罗伦萨贵族留下过夜,想必是有谋杀他的意图,但埃齐奥拒绝了。在埃齐奥离开前,他瞥到了一个神秘的身影,那就是罗德里戈 · 博吉亚 - 在整个事件幕后的男人。



从卫兵的搜查中逃出之后,埃齐奥遇到了奥迪托雷家的女佣 Annetta ,她指引埃齐奥去了她姐姐家,在 Duomo 附近。到了那里,Annetta 的姐姐,保拉,教授埃齐奥一些隐匿踪迹和刺杀乌贝托的技巧,并保护他的母亲和妹妹直到他确定下手。

死亡 编辑

Uberto:“You would have done the same, to save the ones you love.
Ezio:“Yes, I would. And I have.
——Uberto's final moments, 1476.[来源]



After a few days of training Ezio, Paola had her courtesans track down Uberto's location so that Ezio's act of vengeance could take place. Following this, Ezio followed Uberto to the Santa Croce cloister, where he was attending an art exhibition of Andrea del Verrocchio.

On his way there, Uberto conversed with Lorenzo de' Medici about the executions, and subsequently insulted him. After Ezio had evaded the guards patrolling the courtyard of Santa Croce, Uberto spoke with various attending nobles, who lauded him for the executions. Afterwards, Uberto noticed Ezio approaching, but was too shocked to call the guards.

Seizing the opportunity, Ezio brutally killed Uberto with the Hidden Blade, stabbing him multiple times in the chest. Accompanying this, Ezio avenged his father and brothers' death, and proclaimed to everyone in attendance that the Auditore were not dead, with himself being alive and that his family's legacy lived on through him.

性格特征 编辑

Uberto was confident in himself and his new power once becoming an ally of the Templars. Even so, all of Uberto's actions were forced upon him by Rodrigo Borgia, who manipulated Uberto to help the Templar Order. He carried out any of Rodrigo's demands, never defying him even when asked to execute his close friend's family. Uberto kept his true allegiances to himself, never sharing it with the family he loved and cared for.


After Ezio killed Uberto, he found an undelivered letter to Uberto's wife in his wallet. Written there was:

My love,

I put these thoughts to paper in the hope that I might one day have the courage to share them with you. In time, you'll no doubt learn that I betrayed Giovanni, labeled him a traitor and sentenced him to die.

History will likely judge this to have been a matter of politics and greed. Know that it was not hate that forced my hand, but fear. When the Medici robbed us of all we owned, I found myself afraid. For you. For our son. For the future. What hope in this world for a man without proper means? They offered me money, land and title in exchange for my collaboration. And so, this is how I came to betray my closest friend. However unspeakable the act, it seemed necessary at the time. And even now, looking back, I see no other way...


Uberto:“You would have done the same, to save the ones you love...
Ezio:“Yes... I


According to the Animus database, Uberto was not a Templar. However, when viewing the portraits of Ezio's victims in his room in the Villa Auditore, Uberto's portrait depicts otherwise.

If you watch carefully at the end of his database video, it shows four ropes hung on the gallows in front of the Palazzo della Signoria, instead of the three shown in-game.

If Uberto is left alive for a few moments after he has seen Ezio, he will eventually break out of shock and call for the guards to arrest him.